vtVAX for Windows, developed by Vere Technologies, LLC, made and supported in America by Americans, is a proven and reliable VAX system emulator. By emulating a variety of VAX CPUs with different features, vtVAX can replace a range of VAX server hardware with modern Windows servers running vtVAX. As a Windows application, vtVAX provides an exact model of the emulated CPUs, on which VAX/VMS, layered software and user applications execute unmodified. No conversion of binary VAX code is required. With the Instruction Caching option enabled, the vtVAX emulator provides a 3 to 5 times improvement of VAX CPU emulation. The compatibility of the emulator with VAX hardware is tested with the original VAX hardware design tools and diagnostics.

vtVAX for Windows is a cost-effective replacement for almost any DEC VAX system. It runs on modern COTS PCs, thereby saving money on maintenance, power, cooling, etc.

vtVAX is hardware-compatible with the original VAX but provides much faster CPU and disk performance, decreasing user responses times. Boot times are significantly reduced and programmer productivity is increased through faster build times.

With the Instruction Caching option enabled, vtVAX dramatically improves the performance of CPU-intensive applications such as floating point, statistical analysis, and data warehouse business analytics.

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Bare Metal Approach

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vtVAX-Bare Metal can run directly on the x86 host. It includes an integrated operating system kernel that supports a broad range of peripheral devices, ensuring the vtVAX solution supports and will continue to support most available x86 related peripherals.

vtVAX-BM also runs on virtual machines.  Virtual machines are increasingly becoming the IT infrastructure of choice with our potential users.  Therefore, our solution is designed to support that environment.
In fact, it has the broadest range of host system support available:

  1. vtVAX-BM will run directly on the physical host hardware

  2. vtVAX-BM will run on virtual machines

  3. vtVAX-BM will run on top of other host operating systems, when required

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