From migrating you off your legacy hardware to modernizing your OpenVMS, SAI has a solution.

  • Virtualization of of your existing legacy  Vax or Alpha hardware running on OpenVMS or Unix, secure your source code and maintain your applications and user interface.
  • Cloud Services  Add your virtualized system to our cloud services, either as a complete disaster recovery solution or to run in real time.
  • OpenVMS remote support  and management solutions.  We offer 8x5 and 7x24 yearly contracts.  US experienced staff. 
  • Log File Concentrator  Salem Automation offers Log File Concentrator for VMS & Windows systems. The Sysgem LogFile Concentrator is a Windows-based multi-domain, multi-platform, multi-protocol solution. Concentrates logfile records from multiple remote (multi-platform) servers into a central database, Archives records for long-term storage (Sarbanes-Oxley compliance), Displays records as they are generated in a user-customisable display, LogFile Concentrator console also monitors Windows event logs.
  • Modernize on OpenVMS - Deploy on Linux. Our methodology involves a 2 phase process. Phase 1 does as much of the work to modernize ON OPENVMS. This means that your development process is not interrupted by the modernization and your staff realize how "easy" and "safe" this process really is. For example, replace all those VMSish api's i.e SYS$BINTIM with your own class library mycompany.BinTim(). On VMS, that just calls SYS$BINTIM but now, your application is suddenly "70% VMS Cleansed". No impact to development, extremely low risk (mycompany.BinTim just calls SYS$BINTIM on VMS).
  • Programming  Salem’s System Integration industry experience includes Textile Manufacturing, Food, Tobacco, Chemical (Batch and Continuous), Metals, Utilities, Furniture, Tire and Pharmaceutical; Plant floor control work; Large scale ASRS systems; Distributed process control systems; programmable controller-based systems, and computer-based process control systems.
  • RMM  Remote monitoring and management services for OPENVMS, Windows and PLC,s We provide VMS support services. Whether your have an emulated system or are still on legacy Vax or Alpha hardware, we can provide VMS phone support and online system management support. Please fill out our contact form for a free consultation and pricing.
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