OpenVMS Legacy Systems Virtualization

SAI's experienced engineering staff has been providing VMS & Unix data migration from DEC legacy hardware for over 20 years. We move your data bit by bit to a new hardware new platform and remove the risk of failing aged hardware. With no changes to your existing VMS environment, applications and user interface, it provides a seamless transition.  Whether you have a single existing Vax or Alpha, or a clustered environment, our experiences staff will be able to assist you.  We offer an online demonstration of our user interface and when you fill out our inventory sheet we will set up a technical conference call with our engineers to review your environment and how we can assist you with the migration solution.  You will also receive a customized proposal outlining our services and solutions with our affordable pricing.  Call us today for a free consultation.

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OpenVMS Remote Support
Yearly Support VMS Remote Support Offerings

•    Unlimited VMS Phone Support per Site: 8 to 5 Monday through Friday                                                                                           
Includes unlimited phone support (4-hour response) to answer questions about the VMS operating system. (Product Code: VMS-01).  
•    Unlimited VMS Phone Support per Site: 24X7                    
Includes unlimited phone support (4-hour response) to answer questions about the VMS operating system.
•    Unlimited VMS Phone Support 8 to 5 Monday through Friday with Remote Access System Management and Monitoring Services
Includes unlimited phone support (4-hour response) to answer questions about the VMS operating system, setup of online access and remote system management/monitoring services to solve problems, setup user accounts and/or any other VMS related tasks. 
•    Unlimited VMS Phone Support 24x7 with Remote Access System Management and Monitoring Services
Includes unlimited phone support (4-hour response) to answer questions about the VMS operating system, first year setup of online access and remote system management/monitoring services to solve problems, setup user accounts and/or any other VMS related tasks.  

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RMM for OPENVMS Software and Hardware

Unlimited VMS Phone support per site 8X5 or 24X7
         Above with Online System Management Services

Unlimited Phone Support 24X7 with Remote Access System Management Services

Unlimited VMS Phone Support 24X7 with Online System Management Services and Problem Reporting

VAX/Alpha Hardware remote monitoring services

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LogFile Concentrator

The Sysgem LogFile Concentrator is a Windows-based multi-domain, multi-platform, multi-protocol solution.

Concentrates logfile records from multiple remote (multi-platform) servers into a central database,
Archives records for long-term storage (Sarbanes-Oxley compliance),
Displays records as they are generated in a user-customisable display,
Creates web reports using a scheduled job – the reports typically required by managers and auditors. Sample web reports from the Sysgem test servers are available here.
Generates user-defined alarms (SMS, E-mail, notifications) when specific criteria are met,
Full web-browser interface for remote access,
Runs as a lights-out solution.
Supports common ODBC databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, ORACLE and Microsoft Access.
LogFile record formats currently supported
Windows Event Log,
Syslog (UNIX, network devices),
SNMP Traps (all platforms, network devices),
OpenVMS Audit Trail (HP Integrity Server {Itanium}, AXP and VAX).
Other formats (such as OS400 XE “OS400″ Message Queue) will be available in a later release, please call your distributor or Sysgem AG for release dates.

LogFile Concentrator console monitoring Windows event logs

Alarm definitions include
Matching criteria using any combination of field values,
Assigning alarms to individual users,
Thresholds – criteria must be met [x] times in [y] seconds before the alarm actions are triggered,
Minimum repeat intervals – don’t trigger the actions more than once every [y] seconds,
Cut and paste – copying a LogFile Concentrator entry to the clipboard, then pasting it into a new alarm definition.
Alarm actions include
Sending E-mail,
Sending SMS,
Playing sound files,
Network messages (NET SEND…),
Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) scripting.

OpenVMS Application Modernization
Not Migration ..... "REJUVINATION"

There is no reason that 90% of the modernization cannot be done on VMS. It was renamed "OpenVMS" for a reason. I14Y was a big work back in the 90's "Interoperability". OpenVMS still has it. 

OpenVMS supports the Oracle Client. Lets move your Rdb to Oracle. Convert your SQLMOD's to Pro*C routines (we have a tool that also adds bulk fetches for extra speed). Now your VMS applicaiton is talking to a Linux Oracle DB Server anf youve gained 30% of the OpenVMS machine cycles back. Probably don't need that Itanium Upgrade your were thinking about.

RMS can stay "RMS" on Linux. We have an RMS compatible native library that uses a C-ISAM B+ tree file system. A little slower for ADDS/DELETES, much fatser for GET/UPDATE. Or we can reengineer your oracle calls to talk to Oracle tables, make use of the Window feature to limit record fetches.

ACMS really likes to be replaced with Tuxedo. Tuxedo is available on OpenVMS. Why mess with the application logic. We convert the TDL to Tuxedo classes and can give you the same scalability as you had with ACMS. BUT - it's now portable.

Our IFDL to C++ classes will replace DEC Forms (even on OpenVMS) and then give you the option of keeping green screen or using our web based GUI.


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Engineering / Programming / System Integration / Control Automation:
Salem Automation Engineers have varying backgrounds, Chemical Engineering and Electrical Engineering as well as Computer Science. Most of our engineers have over 20 years experience and have provided system integration expertise to hundreds of satisfied clients world-wide. We also have a cadre of well-experienced IT system designers and programmers with experience in multiple computer languages, operating systems, databases, and hardware platforms.
Salem’s System Integration industry experience includes Textile Manufacturing, Food, Tobacco, Chemical (Batch and Continuous), Metals, Utilities, Furniture, Tire and Pharmaceutical; Plant floor control work; Large scale ASRS systems; Distributed process control systems; programmable controller-based systems, and computer-based process control systems.  We also offer 24x7 technical support, data migration services, system backup/disaster recovery services and legacy system support and migrations.

With over 24 years experience and 3,000 plus projects, Salem is a trusted solution provider with our main goals of reducing risks and ensuring successful projects.

Programming -  

Salem Automation’s programming offerings are in the following areas (but not limited to):
•        C++, Visual C, Visual Basic, C#, Web Development
•         OpenVMS FORTRAN & C Programming
•         Oracle, Rdb, SQL Server
•         Custom Driver Creation
•         Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
•         Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
•         I/O Emulation & Simulation Logic
What makes us different is our ability to significantly reduce your start-up time when compared to traditional methods.  Our I/O emulation capability permits complete testing of the controls and software automation systems prior to installation.   As the customer, you will “test drive” your new system during our Factory Acceptance Tests (FATs) to verify system functionality.
I/O Emulation & Simulation Logic

A critical success factor for implementing control automation systems is how quick the solution can be commissioned and accepted. Traditional approaches involve testing and debugging controls software during site commissioning with the actual equipment, which in many cases leads to start-ups that are several months late and significant over budget expenses.
For over 24 years, Salem has reduced this risk through I/O emulation and simulation logic which allows the complete control system to be functionally tested off-site before commissioning during factory acceptance testing (FAT).
The results include:
•         Reduced installation costs as a result of reduced commissioning time
•         Assist end-user with validating the system during the development cycle - risk management
•         Early operator and maintenance training of the new system

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